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The Environmental Health Assessment Program "EHAP"

EHAP Environmental Health Assessment Program

The Environmental Health Assessment Program or "EHAP" is the first national environmental/medical program designed to assist environmentalists, law firms and individuals in isolating human pathogens produced by indoor water damaged structures that has produced consistent results with great amount of scientific certainty "links" to pathogens from those contaminated environments to the direct causation of disease, DNA damage, and neurological damage in the human occupants of mold and microbial infested structures. 

The development of the  EHAP project required more than a decade of combining multiple disciplines involving thousands of contaminated structures, coupling both environmental and medical research, formulating the environmental similarities which matched the complex medical symptomatology of the contaminated structures inhabitants and framing the medical impacts at the cellular level. 

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The Environmental Health Assessment Program

 professional teams of experts have a unique

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the client's medical perspective and litigation needs.

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The Environmental Health Assessment Program  environmentalists know how to properly query a contaminated environment to isolate human pathogens that exist in an indoor water damaged environment.

Policeman Receives a $5.4 Million Dollar Settlement in Toxic Mold Lawsuit


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