​EHAP Utilizes the Following Experts When Required

​​a. Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH)

b. Certified Environmentalists

c.  MD's

d. Toxicologists

e. Neurotoxicologists

​f.  Neuropsychologists

g. Psychologists

h. Insurance Archaeologists

i.  Public Adjusters

j. Structural Engineers

​k. HVAC and Mechanical Engineers



EHAP  the Mold Litigation Specialists

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Expert Witnesses

Mold Lawyers, Mold Experts, Mold Litigation Expert Witness Services

We Provide Mold Litigation Support for Law Firms and Individuals

Litigation Support Means the Right:

          Mold Lawyers

          Mold Experts

Recovery and Protection for Health And Property Damages in Mold Lawsuits

Using the Right Experts

and Strategies 

Cases of mold litigation are won or lost based on the strength of the expert witnesses involved in the case. For example, hiring a common low cost mold inspector right off the bat as an environmental expert witness can get very expensive when the time comes and settlements are awarded, especially when health damages are hanging in the balance. 

If a law firm or plaintiff seriously believes that the testimony of a Medical Doctor (MD) is the key to winning or losing medical damages in a mold lawsuit and that MD's testimony will be the critical and deciding factor, we strongly advise you to consider this; EHAP wins 98% of all of it's cases "WITHOUT" an MD's, statement, testimony or deposition.

Mold Litigation is multifaceted and may require several experts to prove any relative point to win your day in court.  Expert witnesses in these cases must also be able to articulate property, structural and personal contents damages, along with medical damages from mold contamination. If the right experts are assembled, for the right reasons settlement amounts can easily triple.

​The EHAP maintains an arsenal of expert witness with a plethora skills that can be just the deciding factor which allows you to win your day in court.


EHAP Experts Assess & Address the Entire Situation

1. Microbial Detection and Pathogen Identification

2. Health Effects Correlation

3. Structural Damage Assessment

4. Structural & Reconstruction Estimates 

5. Personal Contents Damage Assessment

​6. Expert Witness Testimony

7. Neurological Damage (Short & Long-Term)

8. Long-Term DNA Damage

9. Insurance Recovery 

10. Multiple Negligent Entities 

​11. Diminished Values