Unlike Common Mold Inspection Companies We Do Not Simply Grossly Sample the Environment.

We search the mold contaminated environment for all of the components of mold as well as other microbial, fine and ultra-fine particulate that can be responsible for disease in the human body. These are factors missed by 99% of all other microbial inspectors and over looked by 95% of all physicians. It takes the right combination of environmental and medical testing to build medical damages in a mold case.

Environmental Pathogens.

Water damaged buildings can breed harmful microbial growth that can be the direct cause of illness, disease and even Cancer in human beings. The EHAP Team has spent almost two decades separating those environmental pathogens and linking them to the direct causation of disease within the human body. Our teams of experts will query the contaminated environment for known pathogens and then help your medical team or our experts match those findings to the direct cause of any illnesses or diseases.

December 17 th 2016 

On October 11th 2016, I have just been awarded $5.4 Million dollars in settlement for my health damages from mold exposure at work. The EHAP method of environmental testing and their experts won my day in Court. The EHAP program provided mold lawyers mold experts mold litgation support



What Pathogens Do We Look For?

The Condo association tried to pull a fast one. The ehap team stopped them cold

I am a retired Pastor living with my wife on limited income. We had a bad water leak that caused mold and the condo association sent in some slack contractor to tell us it was all just ok. I was sick, my wife was sick, we didn't know what to do. A nice women living down stairs referred us to EHAP and they got everything straight for us in less than six weeks. Thank you EHAP guys! WORTH EVERY PENNY!

​Pastor Ferguson

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I Thought $800,000 was a good Settlement. The EHAP Team got me $1,860,000.00

It's true. I live in one of subdivisions that Tiger Woods lives in in Florida. I thought I knew all there was to know about construction and insurance. I did, but not when it came to mold. When it comes to "right away" get mold a professional on your side, you'll never regret it.