The EHAP team of expert witnesses can be the most valuable source of unbeatable information in your mold litigation case when it comes to assessing property and health related total damages.

The EHAP environmentalists, medical experts and property damage adjusters can identify and detail damages that no other single litigation expert or environmental investigator is trained to document.

Thus, making the EHAP team of litigation support experts the most complete litigation support team and finest expert witness team in the world of environmental and mold litigation support. 

The EHAP Team is Able to Testify to:

​1. The causation of the damages and indetification of the negligent entity or multiple negligent entities

2. The detection of the microbial pathogens involved e.g. mold, mycotoxins, endotoxins & environmental bacteria produced by the mold infested or contaminated water damaged structure

3. The process of collecting the pathogens samples from the contaminated environment(s) and their identification 

4. The correlation of the pathogens discovered to the symptomology in human health caused by exposure to the contaminated environment

5. The right medical testing to match the environmental findings to prove medical causation

6. The structural damage assessment report, including the cost of demolition, remeditaion & restoration

7. The written microbial/mold remediation protocol

8. The scope of damages to personal contents 

9. The remediation costs estimates for personal contents

10. The estimates and scope of work for structural remediation 

11. The post remediation testing strategy and costs

12. The estimates and costs for the restoration of the structure for both the interior and exterior of the structure

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